From Collars to Cuffs

Men's Fashions

Custom made designer mens shirts

Men’s fashion has been my specialty for over 20 years. We have the finest shirts in linen and silk from Italy, France, and England. It is customary to accompany our shirts with a beautifully patterned tie or mix it up with one of our new wonderful sport jacket combos. Over the past few years, we have joined up with an extraordinary factory of the finest fabrics from all over the world including Zegna, Loro Piana, Armani, Dormeil, Scabel, Valentino and more. With our in-house tailors from Europe, giving you a beautiful custom suit and pant is far from impossible. “Dress For Success” using From Collars to Cuffs as your one-stop shop to the top. Contact us for all of your Menswear needs.

There are many styles and fabrics to chose from. Contact me for a personal consultation – by appointment only.